Save Money on Heating with New Insulation & Windows

When the cold weather hits and your utility bills go up, it might be the right time to consider energy-efficient ways you can improve. Two of the most significant renovations you can make as a homeowner are new windows and upgraded insulation.

Remodeling Consultants helps homeowners save on utilities by making their homes more energy-efficient.

If you live in an older home – you’re familiar with drafty windows and cold rooms. And when it comes to windows –  taking a look outside at the snow, although beautiful, maybe too cold. That’s especially true if you have older single-pane windows. And when it comes to insulation, that’s probably the last thing most people think about. Let’s look at the top two upgrades that will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


This building material is often overlooked because you don’t see it. But – you can feel the lack of it. There are critical areas in your home that need excellent insulation. And when it’s installed, you will be able to tell a massive difference in your comfort level. Plus, your utility bill will see a drop also.

There are several places you need to have high-quality insulation. Here are the main ones:

Under the house – having insulation in the crawlspace under your floor will keep the cold and moisture from seeping into the rooms.

In the attic – this will keep the cold from coming through the roof and the ceilings. Most homes have batt and roll insulation in the attic. For hard-to-reach areas, installation can be blown in.

Outside walls – if your exterior walls aren’t well insulated, your home will be either too cold or too hot.

Around windows – whether you’re replacing your windows or not, make sure they have a good seal around them with weatherproof caulking so that drafts don’t come in

Another advantage of new insulation is that it’s clean. So the air you’ll be breathing will be more hygienic too.

Updated Windows

Over the last decade, there have been remarkable improvements in window technology. Not only are windows more energy-efficient, but there are also more design choices.

Imagine how enjoyable it would be to gaze out your new windows to watch the snowfall and not freeze. Multi-paned windows are excellent insulators.

Consider installing new sliders or French doors. Not only are they beautiful, but they keep the temperature of the home more comfortable.

Whether you need new windows for your entire home or just a room you’re remodeling, choosing the highest grade energy performance rating is a good idea because of our cold weather.

And did you know that you can lose up to 25% to 30% of heat and cooling in your home with older inefficient windows?

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