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Fantastic Attic Bedroom Conversion Ideas

Are you looking to make the most of your available home space?Check out these ideas for remodeling and renovating an attic bedroom from the team at Remodeling Consultants. Get ready to raise the roof on your work-from-home life.

With NY & CT homeowners spending many more hours at home than ever before, taking advantage of every square inch of available space has become essential. If your home has an attic that isn’t being utilized, you may be missing out on one of the best home renovation investments available. 

What you may see as a cold and dark attic can actually become one of the favorite spaces of your home – with the right remodeling team and a bit of creative inspiration. You can add value and enjoyment to your home with the perfect attic conversion. Read below to discover attic conversion inspiration. 

Attic Den or Living Room

A simple way to reclaim space in your attic is to put time and resources into helping breathe new life into an attic den or living room. If you have discovered that your main living space has been taken over by the ins-and-outs of daily life, having an attic conversion den can create a comfy and private living space that is reserved for peace and quiet. 

Get creative with the available space and take advantage of expanding the surface area to create the perfect room for your needs. Even the tightest spaces can be expanded using natural light, professional flooring and wall solutions, and furniture that perfectly fits the space. 

Private Bedroom With Kitchen

If you’re a homeowner of an older home, you can add value and beauty with an attic conversion.  Smart planning and design can take the entire space to a new level. By widening walls, installing and extending plumbing, and even adding a private entrance, you can create a private bedroom in your attic space that’s luxurious. 

By ensuring that you create a climate-controlled attic space and bringing in a modern touch to the room, you may be shocked at how fast your attic goes from cold and dusty to the best room in the house.

Modern Office Space

The past several years has seen a meteoric rise in the work-from-home lifestyle. However, merely adding a card table and extension cord to your dining room or bedroom may not create the right environment for producing your best work.

If you are looking to maximize your attic conversion, consider renovating the space into a private, modern office space. Bringing wood flooring, fresh paint, and getting creative with wall spaces can help you obtain the boardroom home – while still being able to take meetings in your pajamas. An office in a renovated, climate-controlled attic space can be the perfect way to help you make the switch to a full-time work-from-home life while keeping “work at work.”

Luxurious Bathroom

Are you working with a smaller attic space? There are endless ways you can take your attic to new heights by converting the space into a luxurious bathroom. By extending the piping in your home to the attic space, you can bring in a brand-new vanity, high-quality tiling, soft lighting, and the perfect walk-in shower or bathtub. 

Light a candle and soak away your worries in a private bathroom that takes you up and away from the chaos of family life below!

Personal Hobby or Media Room

Besides the bedroom of a teenager seeking their personal space, the attic has often been used as a place for parents to escape to enjoy their hobbies and have fun. However, the attic space doesn’t have to be limited to a dusty, dark man cave.

With the right remodeling and renovation work, you can upgrade your attic bedroom conversion into the perfect place for enjoying movies, music, and hobbies. Taking advantage of the space and adding new flooring, lighting, and fresh paint may be all it takes to upgrade your attic into the perfect man-cave or she-shed. The more you enjoy your space, the more likely you will spend time honing your hobbies and crafts!

Upgrade Your Workspace Today With Remodeling Consultants – New York & Connecticut’s Premier Home Remodeling Team

If you are finding yourself spending more time in your home office than making the commute across town, it may be time to consider an upgrade that brings value to your home and work. Are you ready to take advantage of your home’s space to create a new modern office you love working in? 

Contact Remodeling Consultants today to begin your project in Westchester or Fairfield County. We proudly service homeowners across Westchester County, NY, and along the NY border in CT, including New Canaan, Greenwich, Westport, Wilton, and Stamford. You can call our New York office at (914) 381-6900 or our Connecticut office at (203) 321-1250.

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