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Creating Space With a Beautiful Sunroom

Sometimes making more space in your home might be easier than you think. One of the most underutilized areas of a home is a front or back porch. Read on to discover some smart ideas on creating space by enclosing a patio or porch.

The Basics of Sound Construction

Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or doing a remodel, having a contractor like Remodeling Consultants that follows best practices, uses top-quality materials, and adheres to local building codes will ensure your project is a success. And it’s that kind of quality craftsmanship that can transform a forgotten or even neglected front or back porch into a room your family can enjoy.

Essential Components of a Sunroom

Converting a front or back porch requires some basics, these include:

  • Insulation – to make sure your room is at the right temperature; proper insulation is the key. Plus, when the room has excellent insulation, you can use it year-round.
  • Air-Tight – it’s imperative to ensure the room is air-tight. That not only reduces drafts, but it also keeps out pests. So any large cracks or openings need to be closed up.
  • Energy Efficient Windows – One of the things that makes a sunroom beautiful is a wall full of windows. And, when you invest in high-efficiency windows that keep the heat and cold out, you can sit in your sunroom and enjoy the outdoors during any season.
  • Window Shades – For added privacy and style, select some shades that complement the decor. These can also block out our hot sun during the summer months.
  • Fireplace – If you have enough space, adding a fireplace can enhance your sunroom and turn it into a cozy get-away during our cold winter nights.
  • Spiral Staircase – If you have a second floor, consider adding a classic spiral staircase to add easy upstairs access.
  • Flooring – Another critical element is to select easy-care flooring since the sunroom will be leading outside. We suggest laminate flooring, tile, vinyl plank, or hardwood.
  • Ceiling Fan – Make sure to have a ceiling fan installed to keep the space cool during the summer.
  • HVAC – If there isn’t already heat or air conditioning in the space, add this in. Doing that will make the room enjoyable all year.
  • Storage – Create smart storage, including built-in bookshelves and window benches with room to store items.

Ideas For A Front Porch Sunroom

The best thing about an enclosed front porch is that it gives you an additional space to gather with family and friends. Handmade throw rugs and wicker furniture can set a mood everyone will love. It’s also fun to decorate the room for the seasons, holidays, and special occasions.

Ideas For A Back Porch Sunroom

The number of things you can utilize a back sunroom for is unlimited. Our top picks include a study, home office, sitting room, additional dining room, or kids playroom. You can even use this space for extra sleeping if needed with a quick roll away bed or a fold-out couch.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this information about creating space. Would you like to see how we can transform your front or back porch? Contact Remodeling Consultants today to begin your project in Westchester or Fairfield County. We service Westchester County, NY, and along the NY border in CT, including New Canaan, Greenwich, Westport, Wilton, and Stamford. You can call our New York office at (914) 381-6900 or our Connecticut office at (203) 321-1250.

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