Four Seasons Room


A great way to create new usable space is to enclose an exterior room. While it is not exactly an addition, in a lot of ways, it is considered new construction as the room needs to be insulated, waterproof, heated and in some cases cooled. A four season room is called such because it can be used all year long. They often times are sun-filled (sometimes called sunrooms) and give you the feeling of being outdoors.

Creating a Four Seasons Room

Converting a porch into a four season room is not a difficult task, however, a well built four season room requires a professional to make it a success. It requires examining the existing construction, the foundation, as well as power supply and HVAC. It requires insulated exterior walls with considerations for power and windows. Remodeling Consultants is a unique remodeling company in that we employ all of the trades needed to complete any project a homeowner asks us to build. No contractors, no sub-contractors, all in-house with one point of contact.

Below is a gallery of photos from a Four Season Room we built for a client in Bedford, NY. The project took just under 3 months. The room features a headboard finished ceiling, tall Anderson casement windows with transom windows above, skylights, and a new insulated hardwood floor.

If you are interested in creating a sunroom or four season room in your home, please contact us today and a Design Consultant we will comet your home to look at your space and together plan the sun room of your dreams!

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