Winter Is the Best Time to Remodel Master or Guest Bathroom

September 29, 2022by Remodeling Consultants

While the summer is widely considered the most popular time for a home remodeling project, there are some very solid reasons to consider a project in the winter. In this article we will detail some of those reason as well as some of the best bathroom upgrades you can make.

Why Remodeling a Bathroom in the Winter is a Good Idea

There is Less Competition: 

The top remodeling companies can often times be booked during the peak months. If you have a reliable and talented remodeler that you want to work with, there is a decent chance you can get them for your project during these slower times. You may also find that the showrooms are less busy and you may receive more attention from designers and salespeople.

Lower Overall Costs:

Because these are often the slower months, home remodelers may be willing to give a more competitive price to keep their schedules full. Not only that, but often times the prices of building materials, appliances and fixtures are less expensive post holiday season.

Those Long, Cold Winter Months:

What a better way to pass the cold and dreary winter days than to have your home beautified. Having an indoor remodeling project completed before spring will give you feeling of joy and accomplishment.

What are the Best Bathroom Upgrades

Here are a few ideas for bathroom updates that provide a great new look as well as return on investment.

Convert a Tub Into a Walk-In Shower

Many older homes have built in bathtubs that take up space and are often times unused. Converting a bathtub into a modern walkie shower will give allow more accessibility, make the room seem larger, and also look more modern.

Update the Vanity

To create a more efficient use of space a built in vanity may be better than an off the shelf one. Choice cabinet materials, counter tops, mirrors and lighting can all be utilized when ditching a tiered old vanity. Also if the bathroom is heavily trafficked a double vanity sink may be an excellent quality of life upgrade for families struggling for sink space.

Replace Outdated Walls and Floor Tile

New tile can completely change the room. Porcelain and ceramic are the two most common types of tile and come glazed and unfinished. You may choose for the classic smooth finish or textured. If you are replacing the floor, you may want to consider radiant heat beneath the tiles. Floor to ceiling tiling is an excellent investment when you consider how many times you may have to paint a room, the durability of tile, and also the fact while the up front investment may be more, the moisture protection could save you from mold and mildew problems.

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