Attic Conversions and Renovations

September 29, 2022by Remodeling Consultants

Attic conversions require a lot of planning and thought. Construction experts have to consider structural integrity, roof load, insulation, as well as the cosmetic factors such as ceiling height and lighting in order to make the space usable. 

As you know, the primary function of the attic is to ensure your home is insulated from extreme temperatures. Infrared photos can demonstrate where the heat in a home is being lost and in many cases it is the attic. Poor insulation may have a large impact on the comfort of your home.

Attic spaces often present some challenges when it comes to ceiling height. In some homes it is possible to raise the roofline. Another way to create more space is to add a dormer window. A dormer can also be a way to get around egress requirements and location specific building and safety codes. Remodeling Consultants assume responsibility for all the paperwork, code requirements and technicalities that come with a renovation of this type.

Making the converted attic space useful as well as comfortable may require some creative solutions. Utilizing the slope of the roof to create built-in shelves and furniture such as sitting areas, beds, or desks is a great way to make use of otherwise useless space. 

Your designer will also need to come up with a way to get up to the newly designed space with ease. In some cases a prefabricated spiral stair case can be utilized in order to deal with lack of room. Other times there may be enough space to custom build a staircase. 

In some cases there may not be enough ceiling space for conventional lighting, but there are many low profile LED choices that make installation of adequate lighting a breeze. Skylights are also a great option for bringing in more natural lights.

Your Designer will also need to consider heating and air conditioning. Electric baseboard heat may be an option if there is no way to run water lines or forced air to the new space. To keep the area usable in the hotter months your designer may recommend a ductless air conditioner. 

There are many things to consider when deciding to do an attic conversion, but when completed it is a smart way to create more space utilizing your existing home. Contact us today for a complimentary in-home design consultation and estimate.

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