Successfully Blending Architectural Styles

In Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT the dominating architectural styles of older homes are colonials, tudors, raised ranges, and Dutch colonial. This is not to say the there are not many 30-50 year old raised ranches or contemporary homes. One very interesting way to create an interesting space is to blend architectural styles. This creates an interesting dilemma for the architect. Creating a singular style base on 2 or more different architectural aesthetics is very challenging, but can be done.

There is a term from 19th and 20th century architecture derived from Ancient Greek philosophy called Eclecticism. In ancient Greece, eklektikós meant combining the ancient philosophies of the great minds of that time. In terms of architecture, eclecticism means incorporating elements of traditional design, aesthetics, and structure from one time period into the design aesthetics of another. In most successful designs, there is a primary style that will make up the bulk of the project and a secondary style that acts more as an accent.

The emergence of newer materials and methods of building has opened up new avenues for developing exciting design options. One of the steadfast “rules” of combining styles is that there dominant style be the foundational elements like the actual structure, and you add motifs that gibe a historical nod to alternative architectural styles such as color, wallpaper, accent walls, counter tops, cabinets, and windows. Mixed materials also gibe a nice visual contrast. Examples of such would be grant counters with butcher block island tops. This plays off the warm organic feel of wood against the colder more manufactured look of polished stone. Mixing wood, brick, metal, and glass together in the same space can create a visually appealing space if done with practical and functional intent.

So whether you are combining traditional and modern, or Victorian and art deco, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and there is technically no wrong way, however, asking for your designers opinion and tapping onto their creativity and design sensibility will no doubt lead to a successful redesign.

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