Every homeowner looks forward to remodeling. Whether you’re planning a major renovation or a simple room addition, take a few minutes to consider how you can make your home safer during our rough winter months. Read on to discover our great tips to keep you and your family safe and have your home looking great.

4 Remodeling Tips To Keep The Cold Out
  1. New Doors, besides adding beauty, the main job of a door is to keep the elements and intruders out. A new door can enhance its looks as well as making your home more secure and energy-efficient. You won’t be feeling cold drafts anymore, and when our winter storms hit, a strong door will protect your interior. And when properly installed, you won’t have to worry about water seeping into your house.
  2. New Windows can make a substantial difference in how safe your home is during a storm. If you have old windows, your house is more at risk of damage. New windows are built tough to withstand high winds. Plus, if the power goes out, you’ll be better insulated against the elements.


  3. Shutters not only are shutters classically beautiful, but they also have a valuable purpose of protecting your windows and interior from heavy winds, rains, and storms.
  4. New Roof no single construction element protects your home more than your roof. An old and failing roof can buckle and leak during a storm. Not only will your roof be destroyed, so will the interior of your home. Having a new roof installed is a smart investment, plus you’re homeowners’ insurance may even decrease.
Added Comfort and Safety During Winter Months

Staying warm and dry is most likely your top priority during rain and snow storms. One way to accomplish this is to have us install heated flooring. You can have heated flooring throughout your entire home or in specific rooms like the bathroom and bedroom.

So, instead of dreading stepping on the cold floor, you’ll feel luxurious warmth on your feet and toes!

Exterior De-Icing

Do you like shoveling snow? Most people we talk to don’t. And the good news is that you’d don’t have to. We can install heating elements under your driveway and walkways that will melt the snow away. Not only will you save time when you don’t have to remove snow, but you’ll also be safer from slipping.

Exterior Lighting

While you’re having some work done on the exterior of your home, make sure you have enough lighting. Adding motion detector lighting on all doors is a good idea and adds to your security. Lighting up the driveway and paths will help too.

Exterior Structures & Paths

Make sure any exterior structures you have are in good repair. Check any patio coverings, cupolas, sheds, for cracks or dry rot. Make sure all wood is sealed with a good coat of paint or stain. That will protect them from the elements. Walk around your property and check for any cracks in the sidewalks, driveway, stairs, or pavers. Nobody wants to trip – especially in a storm. Doing these little things can prevent big disasters.

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