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Big Advantages of Mother-In-Law Suites

Considering a Mother-In-Law Suite?

If you have aging parents, you’d like to come live with you; you may be thinking about having an addition built or doing some renovating. The concept of an “in-law suite” has been around for decades. The idea is to have separate living quarters for your relative while maintaining privacy for everyone. From garage and attic conversions to detached buildings, there are lots of different options. Before you make your plans, though, check on your zoning and local building codes. For example, in Stamford, CT, for single-family home zoning, you can’t have separate entrances or a separate kitchen. Some of the larger homes in Stamford CT and Mamaroneck, NY, already have suites that only need updating and remodeling. Read on to learn more about this type of home renovation and discover the best options for you and your family.

In both New York and Connecticut, many home shoppers are specifically looking for a house with a mother-in-law suite. Keep that in mind, even if you don’t have aging parents ready to move in. This feature is an excellent way to add value to your real estate. Plus, if you have kids coming home from college or friends visiting from out of state, having additional guest quarters is very convenient. That’s especially true around the holidays. These separate yet attached living accommodations are also perfect for an au-pair who helps take care of your small children. So as you can see, mother-in-law quarters have many different uses, and aren’t only for mom.

Accessible In-Law Suite

Whether you have a house with a mother-in-law suite that needs renovation or want to build one, the key design elements to consider are functionality and accessibility. When you’re building or remodeling, think about 5 or 10 years into the future. 

As our loved one’s age, we want to make sure they’re comfortable, and their living quarters are easy to access and get around in. If stairs are involved, include a sturdy handrail, make sure the steps have good tread, so they aren’t slippery, and consider adding a stairlift if mobility is an issue. 

Also, having a separate wing of a large home for mom or dad could be just the answer. Every family is different. It’s just good to take a step back when planning and consider the future. 

Features of a Mother-In-Law Suite

  • Efficient Layout – it’s essential to plan every feature to maximize the space. Depending on the square footage, it can be as small as a one-room studio or as large as a one-bedroom house.
  • Bathroom – a tub and shower combination is always nice; you may want to add some tub safety bars. And make sure the bottom of the bathtub is non-slip.
  • Kitchenette – is a small cooking area with a refrigerator, microwave, small stove, sink, a few appliances, and some storage.
  • Washer Dryer – a stacking unit is perfect and doesn’t take very much space. This feature gives the resident more independence.
  • Storage – built-in storage is a necessity, consider corner cabinets, under bed drawers, and window seats with room underneath.

Are you ready to consider adding or renovating a mother-in-law-suite? Contact Remodeling Consultants today to begin your project in Westchester or Fairfield County. We service Westchester County, NY, and along the NY border in CT, including New Canaan, Greenwich, Westport, Wilton, and Stamford. You can call our New York office at (914) 381-6900 or our Connecticut office at (203) 321-1250.

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