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Smart Home Ideas

Smart Home technology has been on the rise over the last couple of years and will only become more popular as technology advances. Smart Home products range from simple lightbulbs and outlets to doorbells and surveillance systems, all of which can be controlled through a smartphone or your favorite voice-powered assistants like Google Home or Alexa. Here are some ideas to transform your home into an automated one:

Google Smart Speakers

Hey Google, turn on the kitchen lights and play Vampire Weekend on the living room speakers.

Google Smart Speakers are able to control all your smart devices just by the sound of your voice. They come in three different models, Nest Mini, Home, and Home Max. These speakers pair well with Google’s Chromecast that allows you to play content from Netflix, YouTube, or other streaming services on any HDMI television.

Amazon Echo Smart Speakers

Amazon has their own line of Smart Speakers that can be used for home automation as well. They work very similarly to the Google devices. The Echo speakers are available in a few models such as the Echo Dot, Echo, and Echo Plus.

Video Doorbell

This is one way of turning your home into a smart house. It is like a caller ID for your porch. This is a rather fun gadget as it allows you to not only have a chat but have a video call with the visitors as well. And that is before you open the door for them. Imagine how funny that would be. The cool feature of this video doorbell is that it takes a screenshot of the visitor every time the bell rings. Therefore, if you are not home, that is not an issue either.

Philips Hue Smart Lighting

The smart light adds a ton of convenience to the way your home is lit. You can set your lights to brighten gradually according to the time that you wake up in the morning. The cool part is that if you like a light color on your smartphone, you can recreate it. The Hue smart light will offer you the same quality of light. You will only need to choose from the palette.

Smart Lock

A smart lock lets you control a door lock remotely. The best part is that you do not have to worry about carrying a whole bunch of keys with you. You can live a tension-free life when it comes to locking and unlocking doors. It is not that difficult to install. Not only this, but you do not even have to get rid of your existing bolt to install this. The lock can go above your existing bolt as well. Installing it would mean that you do not have to touch the knobs to open or close a door. How neat.

Are you looking to remodel your home and transform it into a Smart Home? Contact Remodeling Consultants today. We have offices in both in Westchester or Fairfield County. You can call our New York office at (914) 381-6900 or our Connecticut office at (203) 321-1250 to schedule a free consultation.

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