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Unique Kitchen Backsplashes

Because backsplashes are so important to the overall look of your kitchen, we encourage you to consider unique options. This is a fantastic way to make your kitchen stand out and incorporate your personal style. For backsplash material, sometimes metal, wood, herringbone tile, and brick or brick veneer is used to create a one of a kind kitchen area. These are great to add texture and depth.

Brick or Brick Veneer

brick kitchen backsplash Remodeling ConsultantsBrick is a unique, rustic option for a kitchen. This backsplash adds warmth and can create a very historic, urban feel when added to your kitchen. Many times, you can achieve the brick look with brick veneer, which is about ¾ inches thick and is much lighter. With brick veneer, sealant isn’t necessary. Although cleaning brick or brick veneer sounds daunting, all you need is an acid-based cleaner and a wire brush.


metal kitchen backsplash Remodeling ConsultantsMetal can also be featured as a backsplash option. This tile is great to add shine and will complete any minimalist aesthetic. Metal brings out kitchens that are accompanied with concrete flooring and pendant lighting. Metal is a very durable and low maintenance option for backsplash material. Installation for this backsplash is fast and easy, saving you time and money.


wood kitchen backsplashWooden backsplashes weren’t previously seen as ideal for kitchen updates. However, now you can opt for kiln dried wood and apply finshes to protect it from oil splatters and humidity. Wood backsplashes in kitchens are often a medium to light brown color and can range from smooth to rough textures. Wood is ideal because it is a classic; it gives the space warmth and is always in style.

Herringbone Tile

herringbone tile kitchen backsplash Remodeling ConsultantsHerringbone tile adds a lot of texture and detail to any kitchen. This tile is great if you’re looking for various color options and a geometric design. Conveniently, Herringbone pattern can be bought on mesh backing, which is 12 inches by 12 inches. Because herringbone comes on mesh backing, it is very easy to install because you don’t need to install the tile piece by piece.

Let Us Guide You

If these unique kitchen backsplashes are not for you, you can check out Popular Kitchen Backsplash Options. For more kitchen remodel ideas, check out our Kitchen Design Gallery. Options for kitchen backsplash designs can also be found on sites like Houzz. Whichever backsplash you decide to go with, it will instantly complete your kitchen remodel. Contact Remodeling Consultants to begin your kitchen remodel in Westchester or Fairfield County today! You can call our New York office at (914) 381-6900 or our Connecticut office at (203) 321-1250.

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