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Advantages of Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have become increasingly popular as of late, especially in modern homes. They consist of one or more large rooms that have the ability to act as multiple rooms all in one. It’s said that 84% of new single-family homes are using full or partial open layouts in the interior of the home. So what is it that makes having an open floor plan so desirable?

It was Frank Lloyd Wright that first began changing the way we think of a space within a home. So what is it that pushes homeowners to make the step and remodel? For one, open floor plans fully maximize the entire space, and your home will actually appear larger because the square footage is not cramped into corners. You will also gain more natural light when you create an open floor plan because there are no walls to create shadows or block window light.

If you enjoy entertaining in your home, open floor plans make social gatherings much easier, since there is one large space as opposed to several smaller spaces. If you feel isolated while cooking in the kitchen, opening up space puts an end to this tricky problem. Along with creating a sense of togetherness, you’ll also alleviate the flow from one room to another, thus eliminating overcrowding.

When you open up space in your home, typically your kitchen will become the main central point. This gives you the opportunity to customize your kitchen and take full advantage of the fact that it will be the focal point in that space. Some of these customizations include switching to stainless steel appliances, marble or granite countertops, and tile backsplashes.

Open floor plans are becoming more and more common nowadays. Architects have quickly taken notice and have created various different rooms of different tastes. There are immense possibilities when it comes to designing a space that is completely open. They are functional and have many advantages, including creating a larger feel, an easier space for entertaining/hosting, adding more light, and putting an emphasis on your beautiful kitchen.


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