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Top 10 Home Design Trends To Expect in 2018

Master bathroom renovation by Remodeling Consultants

Home design trends are constantly changing and evolving year to year. So what exactly is to be expected for 2018? This year, they integrate technology and state of the art cabinetry that can heat up with the touch of a button! Others include preheated mugs and tableware!

If that isn’t your style, fear not; in this preview of the most recent home design trends, there is surely something for everybody. From storage to technology, the newest trends have a spot in homes of all kinds.

Featured in our top ten trend count down is satin brass, voice activated assistants, vanity conversions, kitchen storage walls, white with off white, greenery, splurging on laundry rooms, splurging on entryways, outdoor-feeling indoor showers, and counter-depth fridges.

Master bathroom renovation by Remodeling Consultants

The first of the top ten count down is satin brass. Designers such as Elizabeth Lawson have turned to this trend recently, and embraced satin or brushed brass which is more subtle and warm than reflective, polished finishes.

The next trend brings technological advancements to light, and securing our number two spot on the count down is voice-activated assistants. Amazon’s Alexa can simply be placed on a side table or counter in the Echo Dot, and be a decorative addition. Google Home’s voice assistant has also launched recently, and will soon be a hot item to add to any living space. DuBravac expects the company to expand the platform to third-party companies in the near future as well. When you say phrases such as ‘Alexa’ or ‘OK Google’, these devices will begin working and standby for your command or question.

The third trend is vanity conversions. Recently, home-owners are converting their drawers, file cabinets, vintage consoles and furniture pieces into custom, one of a kind vanities that fit their individual storage needs.

Hardworking kitchen storage walls fall into the forth spot. Creating a single, hardworking wall is an innovative way to free up space and create a fresh look, while still giving you a ton of storage opportunity.

Photo by Monika Hibbs. Featured on www.forbes.com

In the fifth spot of our trend countdown is the decorative decision of combining white with off-white in the home. This refreshing look creates a balance in a room; instead of a clinical all white space, the combination of white with off white tones creates harmony.

Greenery lands the sixth spot in our trend countdown. Where exactly does green fit into your home environment? This past year, Pantone’s verdant color called Greenery is a perfect wall choice for those looking to bring a nature element to an interior.

Laundry room splurges hit number seven on the trend countdown. What does this mean exactly? Many homeowners are now breathing love into all spaces of their home, particularly their laundry room. It’s even been reported that people who renovate their laundry rooms of 150 square feet or more will spend an average of around $2,700. If you deduct appliances, that’s a good amount to further splurge on tile and other costs.

Laundry rooms aren’t the only room in the house to spend lavishly on, landing in number 8, is entryway splurges. Adding things like wallpaper or a decorative mirror are simple ways to make your entryway stand out.

Photo by Milestone Homes. Featured on www.forbes.com

In number nine, is the beautiful trend of outdoor-esque indoor showers. This modern trend lets homeowners feel the intimacy of the outdoors, while being cozy inside, year round.

Lastly, landing in the tenth spot of our trendy home design trends is counter-depth refrigerators. Counter-depth refrigerators are both innovative and beneficial. They sit flush and feature adjacent cabinetry and countertops, so while they look great, they also give homeowners ore space to move around the kitchen.

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