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Latest Kitchen Trends of 2017

Typically, cabinets take up the main portion of your kitchen. If they’re old and outdated, they’re an instant eyesore and can impact the entire room. In some cases, they may not be the correct amount of storage your family needs.
Take a look around your kitchen. Did either of the above statements describe your current kitchen? Then this year might be the time to upgrade. Cabinet styles are changing, so check out the latest trends of 2017; including various colors, hardware, and accents!

Cabinets and Color

Choosing a color for your cabinets can be a daunting task. New, clean and sleek styles have led homeowners to choose white cabinets.   White cabinets are great for bringing (reflecting) more light in to a space, and also can help make the room look and feel larger.

Similar results can be achieved with this years hot neutral color: Grey. With grey cabinets, homeowners have the option to use a light colored grey, opening up the room and giving a similar feel as with white cabinets. Or, go in the opposite direction. Implementing dark grey cabinets can allow for warm, cozy and inviting space.

Technology in the Kitchen

Functional kitchens and cabinets have been on the rise. As technology becomes more prevalent, we will see this tech introduced every place possible. Built in USB charging stations for smart phones and other devices are seamlessly integrated into the design, and are perfect examples of combining function and style. Tablet mounts are another popular feature that allow hands free access to your device while you follow that new recipe.

Hardware, the Finishing Touch

Hold on—you’re not done yet. Functionality and color are important when it comes to picking cabinetry, but don’t forget about your hardware and accents. New trends have pushed for more stylish hardware.   Sometimes new hardware is all it takes to breathe new life into a kitchen. Chrome and steel pulls are extremely popular choices when looking for that sleek, clean design. Keep in mind, not all hardware is on the outside of your cabinets. New soft-close hinges can make all the difference between your loud, clunky cabinets and the quiet, relaxing style some look to achieve.

You have tons of customization’s available when looking to upgrade your kitchen. Keeping in mind your return on investment, don’t be afraid to start introducing new technology, styles, colors and hardware in to your home! It will all be worth it.

Contact us today to learn how we can adapt these new trends into your dream kitchen!

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